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About Greencore

Greencore Group plc is a leading convenience food business with an annual turnover in excess of £800 million. We operate manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and the United States and employ nearly 7,000 people.We have 16 convenience foods facilities in the UK and three in the US providing a wide range of chilled, frozen and ambient foods to major retail and foodservice customers in the UK, the US and Ireland.

Our Locations

Greencore Vision

Our vision is to be a leading international food company delivering convenient, premium- quality meal and snack solutions to retailers and foodservice providers at prices the majority of today’s consumers can afford every day.

Greencore Strategy

From the Chairman

The Group delivered a good performance overall, growing revenues1 by 8.7%, maintaining operating profit1, 2 in a difficult environment and growing continuing adjusted EPS3, 4 by 20.9% from 11.5 pence to 13.9 pence.

Ned Sullivan, Chairman
Full Chairman’s Statement

Financial Highlights

Revenue1 (£m)
+8.7% Revenue(£m) 
2011: 804.2, 
2010: 739.9

Operating Profit1,2 (£m)
±0% Operating Profit(£m) 
2011: 51.5, 
2010: 51.6

Adjusted EPS3,4(pence)
+20.9% Adjusted EPS(pence) 
2011: 13.9, 
2010: 11.5

Full Financial Highlights